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The Essential Framework to Creating a Thriving Culture and Accelerate Business Outcomes

Curiosity Curve

Curiosity Curve™, backed by scientific rigor, is an assessment tool designed to measure and evaluate the level of curiosity within individuals, teams, and organizations. 

Having a culture of curiosity will positively impact an organization in several ways:

  • Innovation: Curiosity can lead to the exploration of new ideas, technologies, and methods, fostering innovation within the organization.

  • Problem-solving: Curious individuals are more likely to seek out solutions and alternative approaches to challenges, driving effective problem-solving.

  • Engagement: Curious employees are more engaged with their work.

  • Retention: Leaders that create a culture of curiosity realize higher retention of top talent.

  • Adaptability: Curiosity enables individuals and teams to adapt to changing circumstances and market conditions, helping the organization stay relevant and competitive.

  • Collaboration: Curiosity can facilitate collaboration and knowledge-sharing among employees, as they seek to learn from each other's experiences and expertise.

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Dr. Debra Clary is also certified in the Predictive Index and Action Learning

The Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment

By understanding how employee behaviors manifest day to day, leaders can take steps to improve your team as a whole.

Action Learning is a new way of thinking, doing business, and interacting in teams.

As an Action Learning coach, Dr. Debra Clary leads team members in reflecting on the advancement of their team’s performance, rather than on their problem solving. In this way, Action Learning participants become effective leaders with the added benefit of solving difficult problems.


  • Creating a high-performing teams

  • Solve complex problems 

  • Develop a culture of curiosity and appreciative inquiry

  • Builds trusting relationships 

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