My Story

With high hopes and tons of aspiration, fresh from business school, Dr. Deb started her career as a  Frito-Lay Route Driver.  In this role, which required long hours of physical labor, she learned the value of hard work and the value of an education.


Dr. Deb has nearly three decades of experience with Fortune 100 Companies, holding executive roles at Frito-Lay, Coca-Cola, Brown-Forman (marketing Jack Daniel’s) and currently, Humana, a leading health and well-being company.  Her roles span from the sales management, operations, marketing, to strategic planning and executive leader development. While serving as the VP of Strategy for Brown-Forman, Dr. Deb earned her doctorate degree at George Washington University in Leadership and Organizational Development.


 Today, she works with leaders that want to improve their impact and contribution.  She is a student and teacher of narrative leadership (storytelling), resilience, transformation and change.  She draws on her corporate experiences, academic research and her performance as a standup comic to inspire others striving to live with purpose. 

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As a master storyteller, Dr. Deb inspires, educates and entertains her audiences.
C-Suite executives rely on her to curate insights from the current though leaders in a practical framework of her own hard-won wisdom.Bonnie St. John, Olympic Ski Medalist, Best-Selling Author and Leadership Expert
As a leadership educator, Deb Clary’s expertise and knowledge about leader development is impressive and extremely relevant in the 21st Century. Deb’s practical experience has allowed her to support F100 organizations in transforming their leadership models and mindsets to align with the demands of today’s market place and business environment.Rebecca Shambaugh, President SHAMBAUGH Leadership, Author & International Speaker, Contributing Editor for Harvard Business Review and Huffington Post